Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Finally, my very first post, of my life in Yindia!

Lulz. Going through and reading everything on this blog, have not blog for sometime. Some main reasons are;
I got twitter duhh. Updated every single thing there, and I ran out of things to say on the blog.
I'm in Yindia! Yeay! It has been approx. 4 months haha. I thought having a blog would be the best thing to do assuming I'm flying off to some foreign country, I must have a lot of things to share no?

See...the case is, I actually do have tons thing to speak off and tell yet writing is not a passion for me anymore. I guess. But I do love to write! Just can't give such commitment of a daily blogging quite just yet.

So yeah...what should I speak off of?

About India you mean? Which part of it? The food? The people? The weather? The bad constructed road? Or you want me to talk about the low priced of most stuff here?

I'll share you some pictures and let the pictures speak won't we? Cause I don't really feel like babbling a whole lot more. Just a quick updates!

Btw, I'm blogging this straight from my Galaxy Note II which is super awesome! In some other post (some day maybe insyaAllah when I'm rajin enough, I'll write about my Note II review and how the phone business is carried here in Yindia ;) )

Till then! Chao. 

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