Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mad World

The Glee Project - Mad World #nowplaying.

Never really paid attentions to it's lyrics, I like songs usually by lyrics. But not this one. Was actually waiting for my dad to find his camera charger so I can take pictures of the documents and post them here. So this post can actually be worthy. But he didn't, thus I've no documents photos to post.

It's my very first day on this blog of course I'm excited to write. So pardon me there might me a third or fourth post today.

Here's a funny picture of Ted Mosby with bad tanned. Haha

Well some more rants on why a new blog, hope I don't get away too far or being too frank, or insensitive in any ways. Old blogs have too many of my past relationship memories jotted down so I'm in the process of throwing away them. I'm actually kind of losing my words and directions here, so sorry. I keep pausing here and there maybe it's just the time to stop.


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